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Strategies and tactics in the Lightning Roulette live game

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How to play Lightning Roulette

How to play Lightning Roulette

When we start playing online, we all want to win. Especially when it comes to playing for money in an online casino. When playing Lightning Roulette, we place a bet. So what is next? Win or lose. But how to make sure that the chances of winning are greatly increased, and the chances of losing are minimal? Are there any secret ways? Yes, sometimes luck and intuition will allow you to play successfully and win large sums of money. But luck alone is not enough if you do not know the basic tactics and strategies for winning in Lightning Roulette. We'll walk you through the strategy in Lightning Roulette - how to play and win.

Basic rules of the Lightning Roulette live game

The Lightning Roulette live game is a French roulette game. The values of the playing field are from 1 to 36 and 0 (zero) - the wheel is divided into 37 sectors. The luminous roulette wheel is different in that in each game a lightning bolt hits the numbers - from 1 to 5, getting odds - from 49:1 to 499:1.

Basic rules of the Lightning Roulette live game

At the first moment we see a roulette table. The player must place a bet covering a specific number or range of numbers. After the bets are accepted, a "lightning" is triggered, which determines the lucky sectors. Then the dealer spins the ball onto the wheel, and you just have to wait for it to stop. As a result, the ball falls into one of the numbered cells on the roulette wheel. You win if the ball lands on the number you bet on.

Let's look at the strategies and tactics of playing Lightning Roulette based on our experience.

Strategy and tactics of the game

  1. Strategy "Big Risk - Big Win"

    This Lightning Roulette strategy is based on internal bets that are placed on numbered boxes or on the lines between them. We choose from one to six numbers, thereby leaving them to chance on the roulette wheel, and also hoping that it is in them that lightning will strike!

    Lightning Roulette Strategy Big Risk - Big Win

    From the drop on the sector of the ball, we have excellent bonuses at different rates.

    Your Lightning Roulette winnings will look like this:

    • Straight Up (for 1 number) - 35:1;
    • Split Bet (for 2 numbers) - 17:1;
    • Street Bet (for 3 numbers) - 11:1;
    • Corner Bet (for 4 numbers) - 8:1;
    • Line Bet (for 6 numbers) - 5:1.

    Agree, these are good odds. But we need to guess the numbers from 37 numbers (from 0 to 36). And you are especially lucky if the lightning of the Glowing Roulette strikes. As you can see, the risk is high, because if we don't guess correct number or numbers, the bet will lose. On the other hand, good odds motivate you to play with this strategy. This strategy for playing Lightning Roulette is suitable for those who are confident in their game deposit and luck.

  2. Strategy "Confident Victory"

    This tactic of playing Lightning Roulette is based on outside bets, which are placed in special cells located below and to the side of the main grid of numbers. This strategy is more pragmatic - if before that we resorted to pure luck, then in this case we are counting on a certain group of numbers.

    Lightning Roulette Strategy - Confident Victory

    Outside Lightning Roulette bets include:

    • bets on a column and on a dozen - 12 numbers each;
    • a bet on the color of a sector (red or black) - 18 numbers each;
    • even or odd bet - 18 odd or even numbers each;
    • 1-18 / 19-36 - 18 numbers each.

    In other words, the chances of winning are high. However, the feeling of winning in Lightning Roulette is spoiled by the odds on these bets: So the column / dozen have 2 to 1, double odds (red / black, even / odd, 1-18 / 19-36) are 1 to 1.

    How can you make money with this tactic?

    Thanks to the ability to catch the lucky number under the lightning. This will allow you not only to keep the balance of your game account at the same level, but also to periodically win, earning real money.

  3. Moderate Risk - Moderate Gain Tactic

    This Lightning Roulette tactic is to bet on all numbers at once. This strategy of the game allows you to simply wait for the ball to fall into the sectors marked by the Lightning Roulette lightning bolt.

    However, it should be mentioned that the payout per winning number in this case is 30 to 1. By betting on 37 numbers when the usual number appears, we lose 7 chips. But in the end, when we hit the sector chosen by the Lightning Roulette, we have every chance to close the forced losses.

    This option is suitable for those who can tolerate small losses on the deposit and are ready to wait.

How to win at the Lightning Roulette live game

The suggested Lightning Roulette strategies allow you to choose how to play in order to win real money. As you can see, all three tactics differ in the degree of risk and possible profit, so it is important for a beginner to prioritize correctly. If you have been playing Lightning Roulette for a long time and understand the essence of the game, then the question of determining the strategy of the game for you will happen even faster, because you understand well what is needed.

How to win at the Lightning Roulette live game

First of all, Lightning Roulette is a roulette, where most of the victories depend on luck. So if you are confident in yourself and the opportunity to spend money on the deposit of the game, then go ahead! With luck and the right game strategy, you will soon increase your game account balance!

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