Lightning Roulette reviews

Lightning Roulette is unlike any other roulette game. This is not just visually stunning, it also adds high payout winning RNG Lucky Numbers to every round of the game.

All familiar elements of world-class roulette are present here - a live wheel, a real dealer, a full range of bets.

Lightning Roulette does everything to ensure that the player can have more fun and extra chances of winning at roulette. In each game round, from one to five lucky numbers strike with lightning and get payouts with a multiplied coefficient from 50 to 500.

Lightning Roulette is a unique roulette game with its immersive gaming show style environment.

Below are the reviews of real people about the Lightning Roulette game.

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Reviews of gamblers about Lightning Roulette in online casinos

Review: I found the game Lightning Roulette accidentally


I found the game Lightning Roulette accidentally when I was looking for how to kill time. I've been playing for half a year now and decided to share my opinion. Lightning Roulette is a pleasure to play, because there is risk, but also it has good chances for a big win. So you can check out your luck. This is generally cool game for me. At first I bet only on one number and even lost part of the money, but then I found a good strategy for myself how to play, and gradually began to win. The main thing is to remember about the passion and not to bet all the money at once. So play Lightning Roulette and you will love it.

John, 30 years

Review: Lightning Roulette became part of my life


I got hooked at the Lightning Roulette Casino at work. I saw how my co-workers are playing and it became interesting for me. I decided to try. They told me what and how would be better to start to play. One day I could lose, one day I could win, but everything is so interesting and reckless that you get involved. The main thing is to remember about time. I recommend Lightning Roulette to everyone, because you can have a good time and win a good amount of money. I hope my review will help you start playing.

Kate, 27 years

Review: Real croupier and roulette, just like in a casino


I decided to leave my review about the game Lightning Roulette. I really love gambling, once I even went to Europe for this. But every time it is difficult to fly. I was glad to find such an amazing game, for which you only need the Internet and money, but you have a feeling like you are in real casino. You can play both through your computer and your phone. A real croupier and roulette, just like in a casino! If you have glass of your favorite drink next to you, you would have 100% impression that you are in real csino. And also lightning factor, wow, how exciting it is! I advise everyone who wants to have fun.

Olga, 42 years

Review: review on Lightning roulette


I decided to write a short review on Lightning Roulette. My classmates told me about this game, when we were in the cafeteria. It became interesting tome to see what it was. I went to the site at home and immediately registered. You replenish your deposit and and place your bets. It is very easy to do. But you really need to know how to bet. You just can't guess. If you just want to play, then bet on even / odd and the bet will return, but if you want money, I advise you to take just a few numbers. There the coefficient is higher. Often I guessed right with lightning, so I raised the money. So if you understand how to play, so just play. I advise you to try.

Nick, 20 years

Review: Lightning Roulette is an interesting and gambling online game


I don't really like gambling, but my friend advised me to try, because it’s good way to spend time home. I have been playing Lightning Roulette for several months and decided to share my opinion. I am an average player and therefore I often win, but then I can lose. So you need to be careful when placing your bets. Lightning Roulette is an interesting and so nice gambling online game. You don't notice how time goes by. It is suitable for those who want to enjoy the process of playing and betting.

Barbara, 32 years

Review: I found the game Lightning roulette recently


I found the Lightning roulette game recently and started to look for tactics how to play. I was able to come up with own strategy. I tried it. At first I did not understand all factors, but then it became clear what to do in order to win. Now I advise all friends to play roulette and chat with other players! It is so much fun.

Mark, 23 years

Review: My brother introduced me the game Lightning Roulette


My brother introduced me Lightning Roulette. He advised how to play, how to place bets. Now I have fun in my free time and even won a good amount of money couple times. It helps relax and I feel good after playing.

Andrew, 39 years

Review: There is a host and bets are placed according to all roulette rules


I have been gambling for a long time. Of all the virtual casino slots, Lightning Roulette is my favorite. There is a host, who manage a game. Bets are placed according to all roulette rules, then a lightning is launched and if it hits your bet, then it remains for a ball to fall there. There are many different tactics, and you can even find them on the Internet. The main thing is to know that you need to play carefully in Lightning Roulette. Recklessly, interesting, but it's worth thinking about how to bet money. Since I have experience, I win more often, but it is more difficult for a beginner. I hope you liked my opinion and you decide to play.

Dinara, 36 years

Review: It is easy to withdraw money


I am a rather bad player, and rather often at first I loose. In this case I started to figure it out and the winnings come more often after I changed my strategy. It is easy to withdraw money, and time flies by. Great game.

Matt, 34 years

Review: Lightning Roulette is for those who know how to make money


I've been playing Lightning Roulette for a long time. I like the possible combinations of bets. I also enjoy of guessing where the ball will fall and how to make more money on it. These are not cards, you can't count exactly, but if you have tactics, you can win more than lose. My opinion is that Lightning Roulette is for those who know how to make money.

Maxim, 21 years

Review: Play Lightning Roulette!


Lightning Roulette was recommended to me by a friend. The game is interesting and beautiful. A real host, real roulette, and the same way you place your bets. And if lightning hits your bet, then your emotions are bigger than on football. I even guessed it once! That was a big win! Play Lightning Roulette!

Danko, 27 years

Review: In the Lightning Roulette the main thing is to choose how to play


I decided to leave my feedback and share my experience of playing Lightning Roulette. I found the game in the casino list. I hadn’t played roulette before and decided to try it. At first I bet only on numbers, but I lost. And then I realized that you can bet on several numbers, or even on entire groups of numbers. All was improved after that. In Lightning Roulette, the main thing is to choose how to play. Just betting on one number means an automatic loss according to my experience. And if you choose a group of numbers, then the chances of winning are higher. I have already withdrawn money several times. Of course, you will not always win, but you will not always lose. With a competent game strategy, the winnings will be greater than the losses. Just try it.

Sergio, 33 years

Review: Game is beautiful, croupier, roulette, entourage


My aunt advised me to play. She said she was good at killing time. I discovered the interesting world of virtual casinos for myself. Everything is beautiful in this game. It is more like great TV show. I am happy about all - croupier, roulette, entourage, communication with other players. Well worth the time.

Maria, 27 years

Review: everything is like in a real casino – playing room, roulette, croupier, other players


I have known Lightning Roulette for a long time and decided to finally share my opinion. First of all, everything feels like in a real casino – hall, the roulette wheel, the croupier, other players, outside and inside bets. For me, the main difference is in the lightning, when a random bonus falls on any number by chance. But until you place your bet, you will not know about it. After the bets and the lightning, the croupier launches the roulette wheel and there is a chance to win a lot of money. If you want to play for fun (for fun means for a longer time for me, because I may loose my deposit), then it is better to place outside bets, so you can either beat back or even increase your winnings. I prefer more risky tactics. Of course, I won and lost, but still, if you play Lightning Roulette correctly, you can increase your game account balance. I hope my review on Lightning Roulette was helpful to you.

Michael, 36 years

Review: I even won 500 dollars


The game was recommended by my boyfriend. We play with him at the same time. He helps to place bets and withdraw money. It is very cool and exciting game. Once we even won 500 US dollars. Now I want to visit a real casino.

Victoria, 18 years old

Review: payout for 800 dollars


I got to know the Lightning Roulette game at work. For a very long time I watched my colleague play. I watched and learned. It was interesting process. But then I saw how got almost 300 dollars and I decided to try to play Lightning Roulette. I tried to place bets like he did. So sometimes I won and sometimes I lost, but then I started betting on all the numbers and now I’ll win a large amount every 2-3 days. On other days, a small wins. Lightning Roulette provides me pleasure time and experience and can be withdrawn quickly if needed.

Anton, 34 years

Review: I liked the game Lightning Roulette


I liked Lightning Roulette for its roulette theme. Before that, we played a board game with friends, and now there is a chance to try your luck with real money. I played carefully, so I do not take risks, because I always control myself. The main thing is that the excitement does not swallow you. The deposit grows, and the more money you have, the more you can bet and play.

Federiko, 29 years

Review: I like the Lightning Roulette game


I like the Lightning Roulette game. By playing this game, you can feel like in a real casino in Monte Carlo.

Camilo, 23 years

Review: You Can Win With Lightning Roulette


Friends introduced me to Lightning Roulette a long time ago. They showed how to play, what tactics are, how best to bet. But I still hesitated, because I am a family man, and this is a game of chance. It is said that it is wrong for family people to spend money in casinos. But when I realized that it was possible to win in Lightning Roulette, I tried it. I didn't make a lot of money at one time, but I didn't lose the entire account either. Now we often get together with friends, play together, discuss tactics. There is progress. Suitable for playing with friends.

Arsen, 29 years

Review: Lightning Roulette Casino is well worth your time


Lightning Roulette Casino is well worth your time. Read my review and you will understand why. First, everything looks like a real roulette, even a live host and other players. Secondly, it is excitement, to guess with a bet, to catch lightning on it. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to win money. Fourth, you can always easily withdraw your winnings. And in the end, it is a pleasure and an opportunity to take a break all of us need sometimes. Play Lightning Roulette and provide your feedback.

Fernando, 24 years